Crop Insurance – Protect Your Assets

Before you renew your current crop insurance policy, let us help you improve your risk-management plans this year. Two Rivers Cooperative has teamed up with Agri-Business Insurance Services (ABIS) to offer federal crop and crop-hail insurance. We currently partner with ABIS for our commercial insurance, and the results over the past several years have been outstanding.

Teaming with ABIS leverages their insurance expertise and our knowledge of your farm operation to improve your bottom line, since we can provide products and services unmatched by most independent agents. We encourage you to meet with our agents to discuss the many advantages that Two Rivers Cooperative/ABIS bring to the table.


Top 10 Reasons to Consider Our Risk-Management Solutions

  1. A one-stop opportunity to work with professionals who know your crop and understand your risk-management needs.
  2. A consultant specializing in crop insurance who is available to meet with you locally for a private one-on-one consultation.
  3. Simple, clear explanations of difficult insurance concepts, products, and rules.
  4. Farm map booklets to simplify your crop insurance reporting duties and minimize confusion that can result in errors.
  5. GIS wall maps of your insured farm ground.
  6. Complete confidentiality of all land ownership, rental agreements, yield histories, and claims experience.
  7. The ability to structure your policy correctly the first time so your claims experience is a positive one.
  8. Experienced agronomists on your side in the event of a questionable crop-hail claim.
  9. Sensible bundling products and risk-management strategies that help to maximize your value-per-premium dollar.
  10. Annual crop risk management meetings to educate and update you.

ABIS Offers Cost-Effective Solutions for Agriculture

With a history dating back more than 140 years, ABIS is the leading provider of insurance products for agribusiness in Iowa. For the past several years their insurance professionals have worked diligently to bring innovative, cost-effective solutions to our business. They are able to offer products, services, and a level of grower advocacy that can greatly improve your risk management plans.

Thanks in advance for your consideration. We look forward to visiting with you soon about the benefits that Two Rivers Cooperative/ABIS will bring to your operation. Call us at (800)-223-5512 for more information or visit