Here to Help: Seedsman’s Job Is Year-Round

Here to Help
Brian Maxwell, Seed Specialist

About once a year you stop in to go through the newest hybrids and varieties with your seedsman, then once you’ve made your purchase you go on your way. What else can a seed salesman do for your operation?

Our work doesn’t stop once we’ve sold you the seed. In fact, we are with you every step of the way from choosing the seed through the harvest season. As your TRC seedsman, it’s my job to keep up on the latest products, share my expertise and help you reach your end goals for the year. I’m available for you throughout the growing season to support you in several ways.


Before planting, we will go over your crop plan together and I will share my recommendations for the products you have purchased from Two Rivers Co-op. We will talk about row widths, application rates, and anything else while I answer any questions you may have.

As you’re preparing your equipment for the field, I can stop by your farm to look over your planter using a checklist to make sure everything is tuned correctly and ready to go.


Once planting gets underway, I come by to check seed population and depth as it goes in the ground. Uniform germination and emergence gives your field a solid start for the rest of the season so we want to make sure everything is optimal at planting.

As your crops begin to emerge, I take stand counts to check your Net Effective Plant Stand, or the total plant population minus late-emerging and poorly-spaced plants. If your stand is not what it should be, I will look for any issues that may have affected your stand and help you come up with solutions moving forward.

When the crop has reached the 1-leaf (VE) stage and up to the 3-leaf (V3) stage I will evaluate how your fields are doing, looking for any early insect problems. From the 6-leaf (V6) stage to tasseling (VT), I will look for diseases that could affect yield and make fungicide recommendations, if necessary. Then, as we close in on harvest, I will do a pre-harvest walk-through to give you an idea of which products will be the driest and perform yield checks to help inform us for 2022’s input selection.


During harvest, I am available to ride-along in the combine to help examine standability and root strength. The more knowledge I have about your operation, the more I can tailor my recommendations to you and your ultimate goals, so don’t hesitate to utilize any of these services throughout the season.

Here at Two Rivers Co-op, we do all this to make sure we are placing the best products in and on your acres. We succeed when your fields perform to their full potential.

If you would like to go over your crop plan or have any questions, please reach out to Brian Maxwell at [email protected] or call 641-628-4167.

Here to Help: Seedsman’s Job Is Year-Round